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Conference Line up


Conference:  @atthefifth Virtual Women's Conference 2020

Theme:  "Celebrating Friendship, Faith, & Favor"

Dates:  October 7-9, 2020

Spotlight:  Black Vendors with a Vision

Registration:  Deadline Wednesday, October 7th @ 12noon!

Session times:  Morning 7-7:30AM., mid-day 11AM-12:30PM, evening 6-7PM - ALL CENTRAL TIME ZONE

Conference Facilitators from 7 states:  Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia!

Conference Fashion:  Orange, Blue, Yellow, White

Zoom sessions/login provided after registration 

$CashApp Giveaways!

Celebrate Friendship, Faith and Favor

God has placed women and sister-friends in your life to assist you along your journey as you continue to grow and develop.  Begin to imagine the next level.  Begin to tap into the faith that lies within.

Everything you need is ALREADY inside of's time for you to believe it!

Join us as we pour into one another, believe for the impossible, and walk in the God's favor.

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